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RESULT: CISAS rule against Orange/EE

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RESULT: CISAS rule against Orange/EE





Oliver Shallcrass
Superb Letter

Hi Ben (EE),

Hope you are well. I have been having some ongoing issues with EE since January and have tried numerous times to solve the problems with you. I have patiently tried everything EE suggested multiple times and it has now come down to simple fobbery. A word I think should be raised for the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. I'm happy to take this action point, as I have no doubts you are very busy with sales and complaints. I, on the other hand, have only my contract with you to sap my dwindling time.

The last time I called I was told the reason for the Internet not working was because I had used all eight GB of data in ten days, so had hit my limit. Not much you can say to that. Except it simply was not the case. Following this call I took a snap shot of my allowance showing only two and a half GB used thus far.

It was at this point I decided to draw a line under the time I had wasted trying to resolve the issues with EE and go to Offcom instead.

I am in the process of putting the case together and will be requesting further information from you in due course under the data protection act in supporting evidence.

However, yet another issue seems to have now arisen in this laughable debacle of a contract, in that I am not even getting the data I'm paying for each month. Some time ago I increased the plan to eight GB as I was incurring extra costs by going over five GB. This in itself was a miracle, as managing to use the Internet at all through EE was an unbelievably irksome exercise. The month to which I refer saw me by more lottery tickets than usual, one, under the belief I had caught some kind of luck virus or was exempt, temporarily, from the laws of physics and reason as we know them.

Following the figures that my allowance shows, which indeed is a risky assumption, I am now reaching the edge of my data limit (as I've been in London, where you and I both know 4G is plentiful) - This data limit seems to be a meagre and historical five GB. Protocol, perhaps, being to remove Internet access from anyone who threatens to email Offcom.

So I have been and am paying for eight GB but only receiving five. In itself not the end of the world as we know it, however when stacked with the extensive list of issues you will note from reading through my account, should you choose to, I would like to surmise, it is the end of our business together.

Sadly I might add. I was looking forward to 4G. And the ads were good.

I would happily read a response.

Oliver Shallcrass


EEs Orange tops the broadband complaints chart (December 2012)

Orange UK which is part EE (Everything Everywhere) generated almost twice as many complaints per thousand customers in 2012's third quarter than in the three months before.

The BBC reports that Orange UK has knocked TalkTalk off the top position in Ofcom's broadband complaints chart. Figures for the third quarter of 2012 show a higher proportion of Orange customers lodged complaints about its broadband services than any other firm.

T-Mobile UK Tops the Pay-Monthly Mobile services Complaints (December 2012)

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EE Is accused of selling your Personal Data

In May 2013 EE was accused of being involved in an offer to sell the personal data of 27 million customers by The Sunday Times newspaper. The allegation was that a research firm Ipsos Mori offered to sell the personal data on EEs behalf revealing customer gender, age, postcode, websites visited, time of day text messages are sent as well as the location of customer when a call is made. The British newspaper further reported the Metropolitan Police has shown an interest in purchasing the data but shelved the deal since being contacted by them   read more


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