In Pursuit of Justice

Letter 5 - A Subject Access Request

Mr Joe Blogs
12 Unhappy Road
W5 9PH


The Disclosures Team,
Everything Everywhere,
Hatfield Business Park,
AL10 9BW

7 January 2013


Dear Sir/Madam,

Reference No: 786113


Re: A Subject Access Request for Debt (Mr Joe Blogs, 12 Unhappy Road, London,

W5 9PH)

I am writing to make a subject access request under the Data Protection Act 1998 for any personal information you hold about me

[or include specific details about the information you require here see below 

 ...Please supply me with all data that you hold on me. This includes in particular, but is not limited to, the following:-

1. The original signed, executed credit agreement/s and any terms and conditions that applied to the account/s at the time of default and at the time the account/s was/were opened.

2. Where there has been any event in my account history over this period which has required manual intervention by any person, I require disclosure of any indication or notes which have either caused or resulted in that manual intervention, or other evidence of that manual intervention in relation to my account formerly held with ORIGINAL CREDITOR. - delete or add this depending on whether you are sending this to the original creditor/or a debt collection agency

3. True copies of any notice of assignment and default notices or enforcement notice that you/or name of the original creditor sent me, with a copy of any proof of postage that you hold.

4. Documents relating to any insurance added to the account/s, including the insurance contract and terms and conditions, date/s they were/ it was added and deleted. (if applicable).

5. Details of any collection charges added to the account/s; specifically, the date they were/it was levied, the amount of the charge, a detailed financial Breakdown of how the charge was/charges were calculated, and what the charge covers/charges cover.

6. Specific details of the fees/charges levied by any other agency in respect of this account/these accounts and a detailed breakdown of said fees/charges and what each charge relates to and on what date said fees/charges were levied.

7. A genuine copy of any notice of fair use of my data as required by the Data Protection Act 1998

8. A list of third party agencies to whom you have disclosed my personal data and a summary of the nature of the information you have disclosed.

9. Copies of statements for the entire duration of the credit agreement/s.

10.Termination notices ]

(Insert any other information you think they will need to find your information).

I enclose the statutory maximum fee of £10. You have 40 days in which to comply. If you have any queries or questions then please contact me on the above address. 


Yours Faithfully,


Mr J Blogs


  • Use this letter to obtain all personal information that EE, T-Mobile UK or Orange UK are holding about you on their system. 

  • Very handy when you need to know the dates and times you have contacted them.

  • Send a £10 postal order to EE's Data Controller (make sure to send it via recorded or guaranteed delivery) then they have to respond within 40 days