In Pursuit of Justice

Letter 1 - General Complaints (Goods/and or Services)

Mr Joe Blogs
12 Unhappy Road
W5 9PH


Customer Services
6 Camberwell Way,
Tyne and Wear,


7 January 2013

Ref: 786113

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Supply of Goods & Services Act 1982 (As amended)

On [enter date], I ordered an [Iphone 5 phone] from your company on an [18 month contract with 500mins & 500txts]: You agreed to supply me the goods/services at a cost of [£35 a month].

We agreed that if problems arise either with the product (first 12 Months) and or the services then they will be addressed in reasonable time and that such guarantee will remain in place until the end of my contract [insert date].

However, I still have had the following problems:


1.  The phone doesnt work properly and keep freezing [NOTE: IT MAY ALSO INVOLVE THE MANUFACTURER]

2. The 3G/4G signal on my phone whilst at home and/or business premises is very poor/doesnt work

Under The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982, you should be carrying out the service with reasonable care and skill, ensuring that I have proper working phone and signal that are of satisfactory quality and fit for their purpose.

The aforementioned faults have already been reported to your company over the phone [INSERT DATE IF YOU ALREADY RAISED THE MATTER] but so far you have failed to do anything about it. I therefore request that you:-  

a)  Rectify the faults with the phone, free of charge, or pay the costs of an independent repairer to put the faults right.

b)   Rectify the faults with my 3G/4G signal

According to the law named above, I am entitled to have this services done with reasonable care and skill. 

I would like you to repair both of these faults within a week or I would like you to cancel my contract and my money refunded.

Please respond to my complaint/completed work in the next 14 days. If you fail to respond/remedy in this time, I will have no option but to consider taking the complaint further.

Yours faithfully 

Mr J Blogs


  • Use this letter for all your general complaints against EE, T-Mobile UK and Orange UK.

  • Just amend the details shown in red and add the particular complaint problems you are experiencing (i.e. your phone freezing/shutting down,  poor 3G/4G signal, unplanned network downtime, unknown charges/costs or anything else about their  general bad customer service).

  • Remember they are under duty of care to handle the services you pay for with reasonable care and skill failing which you are entitle to have it cancelled without an early termination fee.  

  • For detial information on the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 Click Here