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The author of this website was a victim of EE's abuse of power and has suffered under the watch of its T-Mobile UK's customer services. For two straight months, he repeatedly contacted their customer services following a huge billing discrepancy on their part. Not only have they refused to deal with any of his complaints or pass it on to a manager but on each occasion his call was referred to their internal Debt Collection Team who lack the ability to hold a conversation without either hanging up the phone at will or making direct threats. 

These bunch of morons who do not possess any customer service skills knew nothing about the particulars of his complaint yet refused to pass the call leaving him in a catch-twenty-two situation. Each time they would demand that he either makes the disputed payment or he suffers the consequences. 

Making their threats real, they at first flooded his mobile with continuous automated calls in both day and night and then finally crossed the line by disconnecting his vital services. Few more days later, the matter has turned for the worst and the author has received a call instructing him that unless he makes the disputed payment within 8 hours (or until midnight) his incoming calls will also be terminated. Following this ultimatum, the author was forced to make the disputed payment under duress and pursued the complaint further in writing to their Head Office on two separate occasions but shockingly received no reply. 

The author has since left their dreadful service after many years and is now seeking justice through the UK's judiciary system. He is now helping others who are in similar situation to leave their abusers (EE, T-Mobile UK or Orange UK) behind. So if you are unfortunate enough to be one of their customer then you know too well about their poor service and complete lack of common courtesy. As a result of this, we share your common goal to front this epidemic problem by saying NO to the spread of EE network in the UK

Yours EE Complaints