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A consumer complaint group that are against the rise of EE (Everything Everywhere) who together with T-Mobile UK and Orange UK make up the UK's WORST mobile network operator and internet service provider. Ever since the merger of these companies in July 2010, they have turned into blood sucking and anti-consumer establishments with extremely poor customer services and poor signal reception. Now EE, T-Mobile & Orange are offering to sell your personal data revealing your "gender, age, postcode, websites visited, time of day text messages are sent as well as your location when a call is made". EE in partnership with the research firm, Ipsos Mosi, are selling the sensitive data in blocks even to the Metropolitan police so they can locate you within 100 meters of your location.

The latest report from Ofcoms complaint figures show Orange UK generated the UK's biggest complaints in the broadband services whilst T-Mobile UK generated the biggest in the mobile services. The shameless EE Network also appeared on the BBC's Watchdog programme for their poor customer services and false 4G speed claims. So there is no doubt that these group of evil companies who yearn for profits at the expense of consumer misery will do nothing to deal with your complaints and will provide you with a diabolical service without any due care and attention. 

FACTS: EE's T-Mobile UK and Orange UK are UK's most complained about.
  • EE, T-Mobile UK and Orange UK have extremely poor customer service
  • EE, T-Mobile UK and Orange UK have extremely poor signal
  • EE, T-Mobile UK and Orange UK have extremely poor 3G service 
  • EE (T-Mobile UK + Orange UK) have extremely poor 4G service
  • EE, T-Mobile UK and Orange UK have extremely poor 4G data allowance
  • EE, T-Mobile UK and Orange UK have severe identity crisis (customers DO NOT know which company they are dealing with)
  • EE Network is an extremely rushed 4G Network

You see the EE network is run by a bunch of arrogant clowns who hijacked a once iconic brands with the help of £350 million theyve borrowed from the European Investment Bank and turn them into the UKs most hated and complained about mobile networks. Yes the EE venture might have over 28 million customers but most of them were FORCED against their will to become part of their useless network without any prior consultation or agreement. Now that is a sheer arrogance or a complete incompetence.      

Thanks to Ofcom, the industry regulator, we now have an unwanted monopoly in the UK's telecommunications sector with very little or no competition. This is particluarly the case in the supply of 4G services in the UK were EE is already a true monopoly ever since that special privilege by Ofcom, well ahead of this years full role out when other mobile operators can also make a bid to supply. So expect unfair prices, poorer signal and the worst customer services because EE FEARS NOBODY and knows that consumers have NO ALTERNATIVE but to subscribe to their awful services.   

The whole point of having Ofcom as an independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communication industries is to ensure that consumers get a fair choice and service but that is not the case here. We have a rogue company with huge customer base been given an unfair advantage to gain more profit without any restrictions. This is CRAZY. It's absurd that EE is even allowed to operate with NO Complaint Department and relies on T-Mobile UK's shocking Debt Collection Team to provide customer service and deal with the unprecedented influx of complaints from innocent customers who are unable to make use of the services they paid for and are legally entitle to receive them. This is a shame but we blame Ofcom. Just how an earth theyve allowed a monopoly with poor track record to form is beyond us.

We at EE Complaints have already experienced the full brunt of their shameful services and are now emerging as a leading website to assist you in your struggle against EE, T-Mobile UK & Orange UK. We aim to advise you of your rights and tell you what you can practically do to leave these horrendous network once and for all. You can also monitor live EE Complaints and see what other customers are saying about EE's appalling service to help you avoid falling into the same trap. 

If you have suffered under their watch then you need to know that they are NOT above the law, and regardless of whether or not you are in a long term contract, if they fail to uphold their part of the agreement by NOT supplying you the FULL SERVICES you paid for with reasonable care and skill and WITHOUT persistent poor or NO 3G/4G signal then they are in breach of any agreement/and or contract and you are entitle to have it cancel without suffering any financial losses (such as early termination fee).

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